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5 summer destinations! Part 5


Dam Square
If you're looking for a good time in Amsterdam outside of the Coffee Shops and the infamous red light district, you need look no further than Dam Square. Named for the dam built at the Amstel river in the 13th century, Dam Square is just five minutes from Centraal Station just a short walk down the Damrak.

Dam Square has a long history as a place to hang out, and the area was heavily populated by hippies and "free spirits" in the 1960s. And it's never lost its free spirited feeling. At Dam Square, you can find stalls for food, great restaurants, and plenty of both quirky and posh shops, such as the Amsterdam Diamond Centre. Spring, summer, winter, whatever, there is always something happening in Dam Square. If you visit in springtime, you may even get a chance to visit the carnival there. Just keep in mind that Dam Square tends to fill up quickly around lunch and dinner time. You may not get a table in one of the many cafes on the square unless you get there a bit early.

But Dam Square is a very lively place, so if you can't get a table there will be plenty of things to do while you wait. In the summer there are musicians and street performers. And all year long, you can take a gander at the Royal Palace, which is so beautiful you'll love looking at it while waiting for a table. Built in the 17th century, the Royal Palace used to house the Dutch Royal Family, and still hosts official receptions today. Next to the Royal Palace, you find the Nieuwe Kerk (New Chuch in Dutch), a beautiful old church built in 1408. Madame Tussauds of Amsterdam is also there, and can be a really fun way to pass an afternoon.
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